Jay Allen

    Hometown: Baltimore

    Favorite color: Purple and Black

    Pets: none currently

    Hobbies: riding my harley, Eating sushi

    What was the first job you ever had? I was a bust boy for a greek restraunt when I was 14

    Radio Stations you’ve worked for: Ive worked in broadcasting for almost 20yrs the best station Ive work for is SMASH HITS!

    What’s the best part about your job? The best part of this job is the music and the listeners

    What is your favorite film of all time? Oh there are soooo many. Top 3: The boondock saints, the goonies and The Patriot

    What are your favorite TV shows? Vikings, Walking dead and Stranger things.

    Who are the coolest celebrities you’ve met? Ive met so many but my favorite meets are the guys from Orgy.

    Pet peeves: Where do I start: people who cant drive, chewing with your mouth open, starting sentences with um, like or So. People who match there outfit to their underwear and people who dont travel outside their state.

    People you admire the most: Robin Williams, George Carlin and Paul Revere

    What is your guilty pleasure? I love ufo shows. Anything ancient aliens or ancient Egyptian. I also secretly love watching ghost hunter shows. An mexican food! If you know a good place let me know.