Redfox Remix Show

Every Saturday night from midnight to 4am beginning April 1st, DJ Redfox take control of the airwaves with the Redfox Remix Show.

As a DJ, Redfox has graced the decks of the best clubs and festivals in our area. Redfox’s success as a clubland DJ is his ability to create a balance between credibility and commerciality and it not afraid to drop the hits on the decks. “People forget it’s entertainment,” Redfox explains. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t champion new music, but the mix is key. And it’s supposed to be fun.”

The dance market is ever changing, but one thing remains the same, people still want to go out and have a good time. “People love music, make no mistake about that, whether and how they buy it right now is one thing, but people still want to party…it’s our job to come up with new parties, new nights, new venues, new themes to keep the scene fresh and exciting. I am thrilled to be bringing my show to Smash Hits WHGM to highlight the latest EDM dance music from around the world. ” says Redfox.

In the meantime, the ever-active Redfox still sees his vocation as he did when he started out, playing other people’s records to get an audience dancing. “We need to constantly remember why people want to come to clubs – which is simply to have a great time and feel the music.” With Redfox behind the decks, there’s little worry of failure on that score.